Glow-in-the-Dark Grit Tread

Prepare your home or work place for unexpected power outages!  Use Glow-in-the-Dark Tread to help people find their way and prevent slips, trips and falls when the lights unexpectedly go out. This photoluminescent egress tread can be used on stairways, floors, baseboards, handles and any other locations that might be dim during a power outage. Glow in the Dark Tread charges in approximately 30 minutes and will glow for 3+ hours. Stop the Slip photoluminescent non-skid tread 6″x24″ is NFSI certified for “High Traction” and meets Prop 65 and ADA standards. Can be cut to fit custom lengths.

*Glow time estimation is dependent upon strength of light source and duration of charging time.

  • Great for stairways, floors, baseboards, handrails, handles and any other typically dim areas.
  • Easy to apply! Removable backing liner with aggressive adhesive.
  • Provides lighted guidance in dimmer garages, basements, and workshops.