PetSTEP Ramps & Accessories

The PetSTEP product line is a system of products built to make it easier for your pets to access your car, couch, patio or pool. Built with functionality, durability and portability in mind, our pet ramps stand out from the competition in many ways.

For example, PetSTEP ramps are injection molded from hiqh-quality plastic, which makes them sturdy, durable and easy to care for. The ramps have several safety features including a unique non-slip ridged surface that is not found on other ramps. The unique ramp surface is soft on pets paws and helps pets maintain grip and traction. The ramp itself is held securely in place by a universal non-slip grip surface at the top and bottom of the ramp, insuring that the ramp won’t slip out of place when your pet is using the ramp.

The Original PetSTEP folding 70″ Pet Ramp is the perfect accessory to help your dog climb in and out of the back of SUV’s, trucks and other vehicles with high thresholds. Fully extended the original PetStep extends 70 inches long, and folded it becomes a stowable 37 inches. At just 18 1/2 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver and is capable of handling up to 500 pounds. The full size PetSTEP is also an excellent ramp to help your pup access swimming pools, high porches or decks.

The smaller HalfSTEP ramp measures 39 inches in length and is perfect for the lower entry height of vans, station wagons and sedans.  It’s also the perfect size for indoor use including beds, couches and chairs, and with the optional free-standing leg kit, it becomes a self-supporting ramp that can be easily moved from room-to-room.

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To enhance the versatility of use of our PetSTEP Ramps, we offer a wide range of accessories, sold separately from the ramps, that are easily applied or removed.

With our PetSTEP Pool Leg Kit your dog will find it easy to enter or exit your swimming pool. The custom-designed rust-resistant steel legs are easily attached to the bottom of the PetSTEP ramp lifting it safely up from a pool that’s up to five feet deep. The gentle slope of the ramp to the pool deck makes it easy for your dog to literally walk out of the pool!

The HalfSTEP free-standing leg kit is a great way to convert your HalfSTEP ramp into a safe self-supportive unit. The kit contains two (2) 17″ aircraft aluminum legs and six (6) fiddle screws. The legs are easy to attach and have standard rubber feet to keep them firmly in place.

Our PetSTEP Side Entry Strap is the perfect solution to help a pet get in/out of the back seat of a vehicle. When you think about it, normally only one corner of a ramp will rest on the back seat while the other corner dances in the air, causing the ramp to be unstable and tip. The PetSTEP Side Entry Support Strap is the answer to this problem. This handy accessory makes it possible for you to use the PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp in the side doors of your vehicle.

These and other accessories enhance the value and versatility of PetSTEP Ramps, making them a unique value in the market place.