HandiProducts manufactures and markets a full line of AntiSlip Safety Solutions to reduce slip, trip and fall risks for you and your customers.

Have you ever slipped on a wet tile floor? What about tripped going up the steps of your deck? Everyone has a story where they slipped, tripped, or fell and the lucky ones did not get injured. Slips, trips, and falls are the number one reason for emergency room visits in all age groups. Over 2/3rds of those injuries occurred in and around the home. Decks, entryways, kitchen floors, bathrooms, and the garage are areas where injuries can happen. A common solution is to put down a mat, however mats pose their own trip hazard, and cover up the beauty of the flooring. So, what is the solution to keeping safe?

The answer to that question is HandiProducts, where safety meets style. HandiProducts was established in 1958 and since that time, we have been the industry leader in safety and accessibility.

We are committed to providing top quality products that function well in the home or workplace. Our Aluminum treads and nosings are manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin by the strictest guidelines using our patented 360° button system for maximum traction and comfort. We also carry a full line of peel and stick anti slip products to meet your customers needs in every area of their home or business. Our sister company, HandiRamp, specializes in ADA compliant ramps, modular ramps, equine therapy ramps, and more.

If you are interested in stocking ramps and safety solutions for your customers, please fill out the dealer form and a specialist will contact you.

Handi Products

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