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Handi-Products manufacture Handi-Treads(TM), window well covers and pet ramps for residential installations.

Handi-Treads(TM) are non-skid treads that can prevent slip and fall hazards created by water, ice, mud, snow, oil and chemicals that frequently result in injury. They install on virtually any surface including wood, metal, vinyl and concrete. Our proven tread strip design provides excellent traction in a wide range of applications and is inexpensive alternative to non-slip paints, tapes and salt.

Custom made window well covers help protect your window wells from leaves, debris and animals, while being discrete and unobtrusive. They prevent unwanted visitors into your house and prevent injury to children. Handi-Products window well covers offer long-term safety and protection, with easy access and lots of light.

Handi-Products' pet ramps are designed to assist your dog, cat or other animal going up and down stairs, in and out of a car, or even onto a bed. A pet ramp will significantly reduce the amount of effort it takes for your best friend to perform these sorts of tasks. Veterinarians recommend Pet Ramps for pets with orthopedic problems, osteo-arthritis, hip dysplasia, shoulder, leg, or back problems.

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